AccidentGuard Plus

AccidentGuard Plus – Accident Protection Insurance

Accident Protection Insurance

Protecting you AND your family when you need it most.

At Home – At Work – At Play

Why Do You Need AccidentGUARD Plus Protection?

We all have insurance, but many people forget to insure their greatest asset – themselves. Accidents happen, and they can have a major impact on our lives and those of our family. Protecting yourself and your family makes sense and is surprisingly affordable.

AccidentGUARD Plus covers you while you are off work for up to 2 years. It will also pay you up to £100,000 following a serious accident. It gives you valuable support at a time when things could be very difficult. And we don’t just protect you. Your partner can be covered by the policy as well, and we cover all your children (between 6 and 18) FREE.

AccidentGUARD Plus gives you peace of mind 24 hours a day, whatever you are doing.

AccidentGUARD Plus protects

  • We cover you while driving or riding in any car, bus, taxi or lorry.
  • Whilst at work or going to or from work.
  • Injuries caused by fire or suffocation by smoke or by drowning.
  • Playing a sport or taking part in any recreational activity.

In other words, regardless of your trade or profession, you are covered

Policy Information

You can download our AccidentGuard Plus Brochure and Key Facts here: