BusinessGuard plus

BusinessGuard Plus is a one-stop solution to your legal and tax issues. It is designed to help ease the burden which new legislation and red tape can place on the business owner. It gives you expert telephone advice on a huge range of legal and tax issues, all backed up by £100,000 of insurance cover.

BusinessGuard Plus protects you and your business, with cover designed to pay the professional fees for legal disputes including:

  • Tax and VAT investigations
  • Employment tribunals
  • Health & safety prosecutions

And just as important is the advice and support it offers you. We will give you access to a library of legal documents provided by one of the UK’s leading law firms. This service alone could save you thousands in fees.

And we protect your business in other ways as well. Your business will be covered against the costs you incur through a staff member suffering an accident. This includes:

  • Up to £100,000 of cover for accidents and injuries to staff
  • A maximum of £2,000 per week where you or a member of staff suffers temporary total disablement